Fortune Hart | Croft Architecture
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Croft Architecture

“We can focus on building relationships and working with new clients while Fortune Hart look after the financial aspects of the job.”

Carl Croft is the founder and Managing Director of award-winning architectural practice, Croft Architecture. Since 2009, the team has combined its extensive knowledge of the industry with strong environmental and ethical values to create a large portfolio of vastly improved homes, places of work and public buildings.

Croft Architecture’s Challenges

“Before joining Fortune Hart four years ago, we worked with a larger accountancy firm that we had little engagement with other than for our year-end accounts.  One member of staff would visit us monthly to stay on top of our books, one person looked after our payroll, we had one account manager and someone else focused on our year-end accounts.  We also employed a part-time in-house assistant who worked on our books.  It felt a bit disjointed and we wanted the company’s financial records to have more privacy.

Our previous firm was very traditional in its approach.  It didn’t embrace advances in technology and the software it used was outdated.  We wanted to be able to see more easily what was coming in and going out of the business.  Priding ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry, we wanted to work with a company which was as innovative in its respective field.

We can focus on building relationships and working with new clients while Darren and Lisa look after the financial aspects of the job.
“We’re so pleased to have designed a comprehensive service to meet all of Carl’s needs, enabling him to keep the finger on the pulse of his business finances.” – Darren Fortune

How Fortune Hart helped

“After working with Fortune Hart for a short while, it became apparent that it would be in our best interests to outsource all our bookkeeping, debt collection and accounting.  Darren and Lisa had made the process so efficient that we no longer needed to do it in-house.  Fortune Hart now takes care of all our financial needs.  This has not only provided us with more privacy, but also allowed us to develop a more professional approach towards our clients.  We can focus on building relationships and working with new clients while Darren and Lisa look after the financial aspects of the job.

The Fortune Hart team are very outward looking when it comes to new technologies and have always considered which software would best suit our business.  Darren and Lisa transferred us from Sage to Xero, set up direct debits with GoCardless, and even introduced us to apps which record our mileage.  Both teams instantly see what’s coming in and going out of the business and can access these facilities remotely.

Experience with Fortune Hart

Both Croft Architecture and Fortune Hart are small firms and this was something that appealed to us.  When I first met Darren, he said that one of the many benefits of working with a smaller company was that we would receive a higher level of attention than we had previously.  He was certainly telling the truth!  We have year-end meetings but we also exchange emails regularly.  The process of maintaining the books has become less reactive because there’s a constant dialogue between the two teams.

Both Fortune Hart and Croft Architecture are forward focusing in their respective industries and I think this had made for a great partnership…
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